DAVIDOR Quality Standards:
DAVIDOR is proud to be 100% Made in France. Each DAVIDOR creation has a unique serial number.  All DAVIDOR jewelry is engraved “Made in France” and “Joaillerie de France” to certify its origin of production.  In addition, DAVIDOR jewelry features the following hallmark engravings: DAVIDOR Paris, AU750 or 950 for Platinum, Serial Number, and Copyright (©).  DAVIDOR jewelry is crafted by hand and intended to be worn daily or occasionally depending on the creation. 
DAVIDOR works exclusively with precious metals including 18k Gold (AU750) and Platinum (950).  In addition, DAVIDOR works with fine, semi-precious and precious gemstones and diamonds as well as lacquer.  Some of our jewelry is offered on non-precious materials such as leather, silk, cord and alternative materials (details always provided on product page).
DAVIDOR only uses the finest quality of diamonds and gemstones.  The patented DAVIDOR Arch Cut Diamond is exclusively available in sizes 0.10ct – 0.80ct+ in DEF Color, VVS1+ Clarity and Very Good to Excellent Cut.  DAVIDOR Arch Cut Diamonds over 0.30ct are certified by GIA and have two engravings on their girdle.  The first engraving is DAVIDOR and the second is the GIA Certificate Number.  At the time of purchase, DAVIDOR will provide you with your GIA Certificate. 
DAVIDOR also uses other shapes of diamonds (rounds, pear shapes, emerald cut, cushion, and other fancy cuts) and applies our strict quality guidelines to each stone.  For all non-Arch Cut Diamonds, DAVIDOR uses F+ Color, VVS+ Clarity and Very Good to Excellent Cut and provides a GIA Certificate for all stones 0.30ct or larger.
Many of DAVIDOR’s creations feature DAVIDOR Arch Cut Gemstones and other shapes/cuts of precious, semi-precious and fine gemstones.  Some precious gemstones may include a certificate completed by highly respected gem labs.  Gemstones with certification are noted at time of sale both online and in DAVIDOR Boutiques.  DAVIDOR uses best efforts and strict quality guidelines to ensure that gemstones have not undergone any enhancement, treatment, oiling or heating.  The customer will be notified of any signs of enhancement to stones detected by DAVIDOR.
One of DAVIDOR’s greatest know-hows it the art of lacquer.  Lacquer is used often in DAVIDOR creations and most recognized in the L’Arc de DAVIDOR collection.  Each color of lacquer and its composition are created in our atelier exclusively for DAVIDOR.  Once the lacquer color has been created, our artisans carefully apply the lacquer to each piece of jewelry by hand creating a work of art.  DAVIDOR’s lacquer includes a high percentage of ceramic making it very durable and easy to wear.
DAVIDOR quality controls 100% of its jewelry creations by hand and uses a jeweler’s loupe of to ensure the highest quality standards.
Wearing Your Jewelry:
Each DAVIDOR piece is meticulously crafted by hand.  DAVIDOR jewelry is intended to be worn daily or occasionally with proper wear and care.  Please note that some creations differ in delicacy and we suggest that you choose your jewelry according to the day’s activities.  Below are some suggestions on how to properly wear and care for your DAVIDOR jewelry. 
DAVIDOR advises you not to wear your jewelry in the following situations:
  • Any situation that could lead to extreme heat or extreme cold (intense thermal shocks)
  • Any situation with exposure to sources of radioactivity such as X-Ray
  • High intensity sporting activities
  • At the beach, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, Turkish bath
  • Household cleaning or tasks which would expose the jewelry to corrosive or harmful products
  • Gardening and other types of DIY projects
  • Exposure to products containing mercury cause irreversible damage to gold. Products with mercury such as Mercurochrome should be avoided when wearing your jewelry.
DAVIDOR recommends the following extra care to enjoy your jewelry:
  • Allow yourself enough time to handle your jewelry before and after wearing
  • Remove jewelry when washing your hands or bathing
  • Remove jewelry when applying makeup or perfume
  • Use caution when stacking rings, bracelets and other items of jewelry as they may scratch one another
  • Always check that your jewelry is secured when being worn:
    • Necklace and/or bracelet clasps is closed and not loose
    • Stones are not loose or have moved
      • Test by shaking the piece of jewelry close to your ear. If you hear any noise from movement, we advise that you have your jewelry stone setting checked, as the stones may no longer be perfectly secured.
      • Test by taking a small polishing cloth and rubbing it over the stones. If the cloth catches, we suggest you have the jewelry checked as the prongs may have moved.
Storing Your Jewelry:
DAVIDOR recommends that you store your jewelry in its original packaging in a safe and secured location.  By storing the jewelry in its original packaging, you will reduce potential exposure to shock or scratches.  DAVIDOR suggests that you do not store more then one piece of jewelry in the same packaging in order to prevent scratches.
At Home Care For Your Jewelry:
DAVIDOR recommends the following cleaning methods to care for your jewelry and to preserve its original brilliance.
Jewelry in 18k Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Lacquer:
  • Dip the jewelry in tepid soapy water and clean it gently with a soft brush and pH-neutral soap.
  • Rinse jewelry carefully with fresh tepid water, dry it and polish it with a soft cloth. (DAVIDOR Polishing Cloth is recommended)
Jewelry with Gemstones (Non-Diamond) and Alternative Materials:
  • Jewelry that has stones other then diamonds (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, turquoises, opals and other fine, semi-precious and precious gemstones etc.) we suggest that you have your jewelry cleaned by DAVIDOR by visiting a DAVIDOR Boutique, DAVIDOR Authorized Point of Sale, or by contacting DAVIDOR Customer Service which can assist you in arranging proper cleaning for your fine and high jewelry. Contact DAVIDOR Customer Service at +1 954 356 1932 or +33 (0) 1 42 86 88 22 or email customerservice@davidor.com.
  • Jewelry with alternative materials such as silk, leather, cord or other alternative materials should be cleaned by carefully removing the precious (18k gold or platinum) piece from the material. Pieces with 18k gold or platinum and diamond can be cleaned using the recommended methods above.  Pieces with stones other then diamond should be cleaned or polished by DAVIDOR as suggested above.
It is recommended that you have your jewelry cleaned, polished or checked by DAVIDOR one time per year.
After Sales Service – Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing Services:
DAVIDOR offers jewelry cleaning and polishing services.  To learn more about these services, please visit a DAVIDOR Boutique, DAVIDOR Authorized Retailer or by contacting DAVIDOR Customer Service at +1 954 356 1932 or +33 (0) 1 42 86 88 22 or email customerservice@davidor.com.
DAVIDOR suggests that your cleaning and polishing services are completed by DAVIDOR in order to insure the highest care for your jewelry. 
It is important to note that DAVIDOR’s 18k White Gold is nickel free and is rhodium-plated.  Rhodium, which comes from the platinum family, is a precious metal and must be removed before polishing and replaced after polishing.  Rhodium plating ensures that your piece of jewelry has a brilliant white shine.
Although DAVIDOR suggests that you have your jewelry checked, cleaned or polished each year, we do not suggest excessive polishing as the process removes a layer of metal each time the operation is completed.  It is suggested that a “complete” polishing is only done to a piece one to three times in its life.  A DAVIDOR Customer Service representative is available to advise you on the after sales service recommended for your piece of jewelry.
After Sales Service – Sizing:
DAVIDOR offers jewelry sizing services.  Not all DAVIDOR jewelry can be sized.  Collections such as L’Arc de DAVIDOR cannot be sized.  To find out if your piece of DAVIDOR jewelry can be sized, please visit a DAVIDOR Boutique, DAVIDOR Authorized Retailer or by contacting DAVIDOR Customer Service at +1 954 356 1932 or +33 (0) 1 42 86 88 22 or email customerservice@davidor.com.
DAVIDOR Home Fragrance “Bougie Candles”:
In order to ensure safety while enjoying your DAVIDOR Bougie, please use the following care when burning your candles:
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep burning candles away from children and pets.  Always leave at least 15cm between burning candles.  Do not place candles on or near anything that can catch fire.  Do no place candles in draught.  Do not place candles near a source of heat.  Place candles in an upright position.   Trim the wick to approximately 1cm before lighting the candle.  Always use a candleholder.  Keep the pool of wax clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring.  Do not move a burning candle.  Never use liquid to extinguish a candle.  Never let the candle burn down completely.  Most DAVIDOR candles burn 40 hours – please refer to the packaging of your DAVIDOR candle to know it burn life.