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Volume 8: Archspiration

Volume 8: Archspiration

The arch has always been a muse for DAVIDOR.

Join me as I travel the world in search of inspiration from the strong and beautiful arch shape, #archspiration. 

The arch, which serves as the lens through which I see the world, continues to inspire me and frame the incredible places, experiences and journeys of my life.

Archspiration began at a very young age for me in Vicenza, Italy, home to Andrea Palladio and his incredible villas and renaissance architecture.  As I traveled through the Veneto region with my family as a child, my mind raced with ideas and designs developed while we strolled through the arch loggias.

Basillica Palladiana, 1549

Vicenza, Italy




Villa Capra, “La Rotonda,” 1571

Vicenza, Italy




Palazzo del Capitaniato, 1571

Vicenza, Italy



San Giorgio Maggiore, 1610

Venice, Italy



Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore, 1592



I invite you to travel the world with me and utilize the arch lens for your very own #archspiration.


Davidor Gusky, CEO & Creative Director