Volume 1: A Letter From Davidor

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My vision beyond the arch always reflected a colorful world.

After many years of designing and building DAVIDOR® in Paris, I am pleased to welcome you to DAVIDOR.com and our global online boutique.

For as long as I can remember, I have been inspired by European architecture, speci cally that of France and Italy. I can vividly remember daydreaming as a child, looking through the arches of Palladio’s great villas and the arches of Place Vendôme, imagining a surreal and colorful world beyond the horizon.

When I created DAVIDOR®, I employed the arch as an icon that adapts to the diverse perspectives of its onlookers. Each person’s vision narrates a distinct story that unravels through the arch. For me, it was a story of many landscapes, countryside gardens and seaside views, surreal imaginative worlds and poetic stories. My vision beyond the arch always re ected a colorful world—a world enhanced by the lush environment and vibrant energy of Miami, the city in which I was born and raised.

As a universal shape, the arch serves as the lens I use to see the modern world through the gateways of its historical architecture. While overlapping generations, geographies, and cultures, the architectural arch continues to support buildings while inspiring my vision for the brand, DAVIDOR®.

Today, I invite you to discover the creative world of DAVIDOR®, and for the rst time, to shop online worldwide.

Letter from Davidor Gusky, CEO & Creative Director

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