DAVIDOR® is the world’s only Diamantaire to present the magnificent patented Arch Cut Diamond.  These unique stones are masterfully cut from very rare rough diamond.  A select few master cutters in the world are chosen to shape the brilliance of the Arch Cut Diamond.  The purchase of a DAVIDOR Arch Cut is for those who truly treasure exclusivity in their luxury lifestyle.


The Maison’s Arch Cut Diamond was designed and developed by Davidor himself.  All of the brand’s Arch Cut Diamonds exceeding 0.30 carats are GIA certified and secretly engraved with the name, DAVIDOR.  The magnificence of the DAVIDOR Arch Cut Diamond is evidenced by the sheer brilliance found in each hand-cut stone.  One can expect only the finest color and clarity in a DAVIDOR diamond, which is available in sizes up to 5 carats.


The DAVIDOR Arch Cut is also available in a variety of untreated precious and semiprecious gemstones including Blue, Pink and Violet Sapphires, Ruby, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline and Rubelite.