The finest Jewelers

In our historical Parisian atelier craft each piece of DAVIDOR jewelry by hand, using the most advanced technologies with ancient artisan know how. DAVIDOR is proud to have designed, developed and patented the iconic surface design of the repetitive arch, the DAVIDOR Arch cut Diamond and the DAVIDOR Arch Cut Gemstone. Every creation is born from a  croquis or sketch; hand painted as a traditional gouache, carved in wax or metal, and ultimately brought to life in 18k gold and platinum.

The finest diamonds and gemstones

Are set by hand on each piece using the meticulous scrutiny and quality control to ensure a beautiful and sparkling creation.

The ancient savoir-faire of hand lacquering along with advanced technology in ceramic material development deposits a 1.5mm thick proprietary ceramic based material which is applied by hand to each piece and polished to perfection. DAVIDOR pieces are made to be worn and enjoyed by multiple generations.

DAVIDOR takes great pride in supporting and perpetuating the art of skilled jewelers that is so deeply rooted in Paris.

Le Savoir-Faire Diamond Patterns


Diamonds on both borders and one arch DAVIDOR invites you to enter L’Arc de DAVIDOR collection through the Porta diamond story. The Porta story includes a single diamond arch and pathway that symbolises the grand entryway into the villas and palaces of France and Italy.


Diamond on every other arch
Inspired by the grand colonnades of Italy’s Palladian Villas, the Colonnato diamond story features pave diamonds on every other arch.


Diamonds on all arches, no borders Inspired by the Parisian Arcade’s, the L’Arc de DAVIDOR Arcade diamond story features continuous pav diamonds that illuminate each and every line of the arch.


Diamonds on all arches and borders
Inspired by the majesty of France’s most regal architecture, Palais tells the tale of the decadence and romance by illuminating all arch lines and borders with pave diamonds.

Le Savoir-Faire Lacquer

One of DAVIDOR’s greatest know-hows is the art of artistic lacquer. Lacquering is an ancient French skill that the Maison takes pride in continuing to advance.

Our L’Arc De Davidor Collection lacquers each piece of jewelry with ceramic, a material with a hardness stronger and more durable then the gold it is applied to. This ceramic, also referred to as “lacquer” by DAVIDOR is used often in our creations and most recognized in the L’Arc de DAVIDOR collection. Each color of lacquer ceramic and its composition are created in our atelier exclusively for DAVIDOR.

Once the lacquer color has been created, our artisans carefully apply the lacquer to each piece of jewelry by hand creating a work of art.

DAVIDOR has created 16 unique colors of lacquer inspired by Davidor’s personal travels and passions.


Inspired by the rich red wines and decadent jewel tones that highlight the baroque history of the French lifestyle, DAVIDOR Bordeaux is the brand’s signature color. At the intersection of rich and earthy, DAVIDOR Bordeaux lends a symbolic balance to the brand, a balance that is rooted in luxury and authenticity.


The bold simplicity of Caviar is complimented by the glimmering element of Caviar itself.

A strong choice for a sophisticated palette.


Distinguished and mature like the monumental buildings lining the streets of Paris, Anthracite captures the established and timeless beauty of neutrality. 


Inspired by the glistening snow that reflects off the slopes of Courchevel and its notorious 1850 station, Neige shimmers like fresh fallen snow. 


Embodying the aged shades of France’s finest brandy, Cognac is reminiscent of the rustic and refined.


Capturing the midnight shades of a glossy starlit sky, Aubergine’s robust tone adds a sultry romanticism to the DAVIDOR palette. 


Palais Royal was created to exemplify the strong green garden palette of Paris’ Palais Royal. 


Inspired by a magical summer evening under a canopy of lemon trees on the island of Capri, the Limoncello lacquer is playfully seductive and sure to be admired.


Pastels and palm trees, destination Palm Beach. Inspired by the beautiful and sunny beach town, the DAVIDOR Palm Beach lacquer is the perfect combination of playfulness and tranquility. 


Inspired by the fragrance and beauty of the natural garden, May Rose captivates all of your senses. 


Named for the bold red berries that line every table of the summer fresh market, DAVIDOR’s Frais hints at the subtle sweetness and striking vibrancy of the fruit itself.


Sailing along the royal blue Mediterranean Sea, sunshine reflecting like diamonds on the waters surface, the bliss of summer is near. Lush landscapes, blue waters and charming towns that line the Côte d’Azur are what inspired the creation of the DAVIDOR Riviera lacquer. A Mediterranean paradise, the French Riviera’s vibrant and colorful summer days keep you dreaming all year round. 


From June to August each year, the Luberon valley in Provence transforms into a colorful and fragrant world filled with rolling hills of lavender. The DAVIDOR Lavande lacquer is inspired by this aroma- tic and picturesque environment. 


Gracing the Riviera with its sweet citrus undertones all summer long, Zeste proves to be intoxicating as both color and scent. 


Hortensia is a symbol of gratitude and sincerity and is named for the beauty and delicate details of the flower. 


Inspired by the beautiful and delicate flamingo that walks in the horizon, the DAVIDOR Flamant lacquer is a beautiful mix of pink and coral that creates this unique lacquer color.

Le Savoir-Faire The DAVIDOR Arch Cut

DAVIDOR is the world’s only Diamantaire to present the magnificent patented (US D738,776S) Arch Cut Diamond. These unique stones are masterfully cut from very rare rough diamond.

A select few master cutters in the world are chosen to shape the brilliance of the Arch Cut Diamond. The purchase of a DAVIDOR Arch Cut is for those who truly treasure exclusivity in their luxury lifestyle.

The Maison’s Arch Cut Diamond was designed and developed by Davidor himself. All of the brand’s Arch Cut Diamonds exceeding 0.30 carats are GIA certified and engraved with the name, DAVIDOR.

The magnificence of the DAVIDOR Arch Cut Diamond is evidenced by the sheer brilliance found in each hand-cut stone. One can expect only the finest color and clarity in a DAVIDOR diamond.

The DAVIDOR Arch Cut is also available in a variety of untreated precious and semiprecious gemstones including Blue, Pink and Violet Sapphires, Ruby, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline and Rubellite.

Le Savoir-Faire The DAVIDOR Arch Cut