Le Savoir Faire

The Finest Jewelers

The finest jewelers In our historical Parisian atelier craft each piece of DAVIDOR jewelry by hand. Using the most advanced technologies with ancient artisan know how, DAVIDOR proudly certifies all of it’s creations with a Joaillerie de France stamp, guaranteeing that it is a 100% ‘Made in France’ product.

DAVIDOR is proud to have designed, developed and patented the DAVIDOR Arch Cut Diamond and DAVIDOR Arch Cut Gemstone in our diamond and gem cutting atelier in Paris. Every creation is born from a “croquis” or sketch, hand painted as a traditional gouache, carved in wax, and ultimately brought to life in 18k gold and platinum.

The finest diamonds and gemstones are set by hand on each piece using the meticulous scrutiny and quality control to ensure a beautiful and sparkling creation. The ancient savoir faire of lacquer is applied by hand to each piece and polished to perfection. DAVIDOR takes great pride in supporting and perpetuating the art of skilled jewelers that is so deeply rooted in Paris.